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  • 2018.04.05NEWS

    「HANASAKU NEWS just a click!」5

    It is 5th time of 「HANASAKU NEWS just a click!」I invite LIMBU ARJUN from Nepal last Apr and he passed N3 (JLPT) just 7 and half months!!!

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  • 2018.03.29NEWS

    「HANASAKU NEWS just a click!」4

    Hello everyone I’m Naru! This time of 「HANASAKU NEWS just a click!」4th one’s guest is NEUPANE SANGITA from Nepal!! She is staying our school since last Apr.


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  • 2018.03.23NEWS

    「HANASAKU NEWS just a click!」3

    Hello everyone the 3rd times HANASAKU NEWS just a click!!! This time’s guest is ATHTHANAYAKA  BRALAGE DINETH DANANJAYA from Sri Lanka last Apr.


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  • 2018.03.23NEWS

    「HANASAKU NEWS just a click!」2

    Hello everyone I’m Naru!

    The second time HANASAKU NEWS just a click!

    The student is LE THI PHUONG from Vietnam last Apr!!

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  • 2018.02.28NEWS

    「HANASAKU NEWS just a click!」

    This time we start new contents to drum up our school!

    The title is HANASAKU NEWS just a click!


    The first student is MAGAR SILASH from Nepal last Oct.

    This contents interviewer is Naru Oikawa, I’m new staff of Hanasaku.


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  • 2017.10.30EVENT

    "First Cultural Festival"

    On November 3, 2017 (Friday / holidays), we plan to conduct the "First Cultural Festival" at our school.
    On that day, we plan to do "mother country cooking" ,"singing", "dancing", "introducing country of origin", "mini voucher" etc . by our students,
    If someone are interested, please feel free to drop by if you have time.

  • 2017.04.06NEWS

    Dear students who are scheduled to enter the "Hanasaku Language School" for the period 2017

    April. The date of your arrival is April 14, so please do not forget!
    We are looking forward to seeing you all.

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