「HANASAKU NEWS just a click!」32018-03-23

Hello everyone the 3rd times HANASAKU NEWS just a click!!! This time’s guest is ATHTHANAYAKA  BRALAGE DINETH DANANJAYA from Sri Lanka last Apr.




N: I think you can speak Japanese well. Did you already speak Japanese in your country?

D: I read just easy Hiragana and Katakana, but I could not speak Japanese at all. After came to here I have gotten better at speaking skill.

N: What is your goal in Japanese skill?

D: I want to try N1 in this year, if I can pass N2 this July. I’m thinking about I will go to university in Japan after graduation Hanasaku, so I should try to study harder from now.



N: What is your part time job now?

D: I’m working at Delivery Service. I usually work same as other people and also I’m in charge of training the newcomer.

N: What did make you surprised in Japan?

D: Japanese people are very rightness about time. I was confusing it, but Hanasaku teachers taught me patience that’s why I can live in great comfort now. I’d surprised when I started to work here, they having environment for work together with women and old people. I didn’t have any opportunities that work together them in my country. There for Japanese people are really honest, so my working place is good for me.


N: This contents end by message from student, so please left it.

D: If you are thinking about study abroad to Japan, please visit to us. The Hanasaku language school is very fit to study Japanese for real. I think I could not speak Japanese if I didn’t coming to Hanasaku. This school is making expand our chance of future.