A short-term international student interview from Russia !!2018-05-31

In early May, Mr.Sergei came to Japan as a short-term student from Russia.

He has been studying hard every day with other students, so we had an interview with him.

Q1. Why did you want to study Japanese?
A1. I still remember when I watched Japanese cartoons for the first time. I was under the spell of it. I’ve been thinking about Japan since at that time, not only cartoons but also culture, habit and language…Finally, I made up my mind to go Japan for my dream.


Q2. Why did you choose "Hanasaku language school"?
A2. I looked up on the Internet and asked an agent. They recommended here. I saw Hanasaku facebook page, I could see students and their state on it. Then,  I chose “ Hanasaku”.

Q3. How is school life in Omiya?

A3. It is just as I expected. The moment I arrived at Japan, I felt comfortable and nostalgic like I came back to my hometown. I can study calmly because of quiet surroundings. Here is perfect for me.  


Q4. Would you like to come back to Japan again?
A4. Yes. I fulfilled my dream of coming to Japan this time, in addition, I found new dream. It is to be an animation illustrator.

I’d like to come back to Japan next spring and study here as a long term students. After that, I want to study at a vocational college of animation and want to make my “new” dreams come true and stay Japan longer.


Messege from Mr. Sergei

 Thank you all school staff. I’ll continue to study Japanese and l would like to come back to Japan again.

Let’s keep up our good study.