A short-term international student interview from the Philippines!!2018-05-11


Q1. Why did you want to study Japanese?
A1. I’m interested in Japanese manners and politeness.
Japanese are always mindful, and it impressed me. In addition, I like Japanese cute sounds.

When I listen to “WAKATTA” “YOKATTADESUNE for the first time, I was fascinated by them deeply.

And then I’ve started thinking that I’d like to study Japanese seriously.


Q2. Why did you choose "Hanasaku language school"?
A2. My Japanese friend recommended here to me. She told me that I can study with good atmosphere here. Actually, I felt very comfortable. I had many times to talk to teachers and ask them without hesitation.


Q3. How is school life in Omiya?

A3. I like the school life very much. I got to know many friends who come from many countries,

Especially, became friendly very much with short term students who from Russia and Taiwan.

 Also teachers always checked my Japanese skill carefully. I was deeply grateful to them.


Q4. Would you like to come back to Japan again?
A4. Yes, I want to come back again. To
 my regret, I stayed Japan only two months,

so I want to enter “Hanasaku language school " as a long term student next time.


Messege from Carisa

 I really want to say “Thank you very much” to teachers and other students.

 I was satisfied with my school life in Hanasaku very much.