Breaking NEWS of last JLPT result!


 We are leading curriculum about Naturally Japanese and quickly acquisition and we feeling this result.

 A student from Nepal Limbu, he came to Japan last April.

When he arrived here he did not have any skills of Japanese, so he started from Hiragana, Katakana, and them he could pass N3 of JLPT this time just 7 months and half! This is amazing thing!

 Another eye-popping are we have 2 more students also passing N3 of JLPT. They came to here last October and also they didn’t have any skills of Japanese. That mean they passed the exam just a month and half! We know how much hard thing to do. Congratulation Rajendra and Silash!!!

 We having 2 students are passing N4 of the exam and there score were high one. Congratulation Dineth and Sangita!!!

Another student they could not pass this time but score were very close to pass line, so nice try them.

 We keep to making environment for students about: they can get the dream all of them.






1 Limbu


2 Rajendra


3 Silash


4 Dineth


5 Sangita


6 congratulation party