A short-term international student interview from Taiwan !!2018-07-10

In early April, Ms.Chang came to Japan as a short-term student from Taiwan.

She always tried to communicate to other students proactively. That was very impressive for us. In addition, she went to many places in Japan and experienced many Japanese culture.How was she feel about her own study life in Japan? We had a interview with her.

Q1. Why did you want to study Japanese?

When I watch Japanese animated film for the first time, I was really interested in it. And I strongly thought that I want to enjoy it without subtitle, in only Japanese. Then I began to study Japanese. Especially, I like Hayao Miyazaki. His films make my heart warm.


Q2. How is school life in Omiya?

I think Omiya is very quite compare to Tokyo, so it is very good for students to concentrate on their study. At first, I got scared and felt ashamed when I used Japanese. However I get used to use Japanese now.  I can understand Japanese that convenience staffs say to me. I had a lot of opportunity to use Japanese in class, it also helped me. I enjoyed the class very much because of good relationships with other students. Also teachers are very kind, and they put their heart into each class. I’m deeply grateful to them.



Messege from Ms.Chang

The students were very enthusiastic and the seniors also showed concern.

It is a happy thing that I can study with everyone.

Even though we are far away from each other, we can communicate in Japanese and care for each other. Everyone has the opportunity to come to Taiwan in the future.

I will do my best to assist you in your trip to Taiwan.

The school, friends and teachers, you are the best !!