A short-term international student interview from Indonesia!2017-08-02

In the last July I interviewed Mr. Divana who came to Japan as a short-term international student from Indonesia

She studied at our school in order to experience the studying abroad life in Japan, utilizing the summer vacation of the Indonesian university that is currently attending.

Well then, we will do an interview!



Q1:How about our school?

A 1:Teachers and the students were very kind.
I have had lots of friends and I enjoyed very much.
Classes were a little fast but it was easy to understand and explained the point carefully
It was good. Although it was a short time, I think that I could study so much Japanese.


Q 2:What is your impression of Japan?

A 2: Japan was very convenient and I thought everything was beautiful.

Q 3:What was good about Japan?

A 3:What I thought was particularly good was the Japanese traffic situation. I always
thought that the precise point was really wonderful as scheduled.
Also, people in Japan I thought that everyone was very kind and disciplined point is also wonderful.


Q4:How do you want to make use of this experience?

A4:I want to make use of it even in Indonesia by studying myself about accurate time

management in Japan I am thinking that I would like to come to Japan again in the near future, so I think that I can make use of all this experience.