「Hanasaku Language school's School Festival vol.1」2017-11-25

We were conduct our first school festival on 3rd Nov. ; The day is national holiday in    Japan, called a day of culture.

The day, we had many events by international students....

Further, them cooked their famous foods for each other. ex; pho and fried spring roll from Vietnam and chicken curry from Sri Lanka and Nepal.

All of dishes were very delicious like a restaurant's.

The events are,

1, SONG by Nepal students, they sang "Sensei" (Masako Mori)

2, LANGUAGE COURSE by Nepal students, Sri Lanka students and Vietnam students

3, KARATE PERFORMANCE by Sri Lanka student (he has a black belt)

The highlights of event was....

4, RAKUGO ; Rakugo is a Japanese traditional comic story by professional teller.

"Curry KOWAI" by Sapkota from Nepal.

He surprised everyone, he just came to Japan about 6mounts ago.

He had not speak Japanese very well when he started to study our school, so he practiced very hard "how to take pose" and "gesture" in rakugo with teachers.

He showed Rakugo and the zone it!!! and his Kimono was also good!!


We played KARUTA and sing together with every students include new one who arrived October.

The our first school festival made really fun day.