A short-term international student interview from Russia !!2018-05-16

In early April, Alina came to Japan as a short-term student from Russia.

she has studyed hard every day with other stuents, so we had an interview with her.

Q1. Why did you want to study Japanese?
A1. I’m interested in Japanese people and culture. I am fascinated by an atmosphere of them, and I think that I’d like to study in this atmosphere. Finally, I made up my mind to go Japan.


Q2. Why did you choose "Hanasaku language school"?
A2. I looked up on the Internet and asked an agent. They recommended here because I prefer calm and quiet surroundings to crowded place. Actually, here is very comfortable for me. In the school is well-organized, and the relations between students and teachers are also really good.



Q3. How is school life in Omiya?

A3. It is very nice here. School has an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

   Class is a bit difficult for my current skill, but students can learn high level Japanese, so I think that

   It is very suitable and useful for students who want to study Japanese seriously. 



Q4. Would you like to come back to Japan again?
A4. Yes, I want to come back again. Before I come to Japan again, I’ll study Japanese more in my country.

And I’d like to not only “study” but also “use” Japanese next time. 


Messege from Alina

 I really want to say “Thank you very much” to everyone who I met in Japan.